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Show you the furniture,The classification of furniture!

The classification of furniture!

1, from the use of functions to points: can be divided into bedroom, reception room, study, dining room and office furniture.


2, from the use of materials to points: can be divided into wood, metal, steel wood, plastic, bamboo, paint technology, glass and other furniture.


3, in the form of body: can be divided into monomer and combined furniture. 

4, in the form of structure: can be divided into frame, plate disassembly and bending wood furniture.


From the modeling of furniture, we can summarize the following styles:


1. The pursuit of natural beauty: mainly manifested in some undecorated wooden and rattan furniture, this tendency reflects that people living in an industrialized society are tired of the steel, glass and plastic and artificial colors that fill the environment, and people yearn for simple and relaxed natural effects.


2, the pursuit of Oriental sentiment: reflected in the material, color and texture of furniture, the style is close to nature, simple and mysterious.


3, the pursuit of flexibility: to provide customers with a variety of flexible disassembly furniture, in order to meet different space conditions, the pursuit of different personality characteristics.


4, the pursuit of material texture and texture: in the pursuit of the original nature of natural materials, part of the furniture uses braided natural vines or synthetic materials, resulting in exquisite and interesting organization texture.


         Modern furniture design always follows the needs of people’s material life and spiritual life, and develops in the direction of simplicity, practicality, suitability, nature and variety. Systematic furniture design is a new trend of furniture development in the world. Furniture components of the three (standardization, universalization, serialization) has been widely recognized by the interior design field, furniture in the design field has become the main component of the interior environment design, but also become an organic part of the whole building, and is greatly influenced by the school of architectural style. As a result, some architects have also become furniture designers.


        As a part of interior design, furniture design should consider the overall interior environment design, seeking change in unity, seeking innovation in tradition, and pursuing design style and personalized performance on the premise of satisfying functions. In view of the present situation of furniture design, the basic characteristics of both high-tech style furniture and post-modern style furniture are the same. In terms of function, requirement is given priority to with function, accord with human body engineering, considering the auxiliary function (handling, stacking, folding) and processing technology and batch production, in mental functions, pursuit is concise, easy, simple, heavy texture texture and color, attach importance to people’s psychological feeling, the embodiment of the nature and value of traditional culture.

Post time: Jun-23-2022