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Raw materials of rattan

Raw materials of rattan

There are mainly two types of bracket material and braided material:

1, support material: before use, anti-corrosion, moth-proof, crack prevention and other treatment. In addition to bamboo, it can also be made of steel pipe, rattan, wicker, plastic and so on.

2, weaving materials: mainly with rattan materials. Rattan can be processed into rattan, rattan core and rattan skin and other parts, the part used for weaving is rattan skin. Common rattan rattan, earth rattan and wild rattan, etc.

The family members used to weave rattan furniture are mainly bamboo rattan, white rattan, akiba rattan, palm rattan. Bamboo rattan called agate rattan, it is also known as the “king of rattan”, is the most expensive class of rattan, native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Other kudzu, wisteria, caulis spatholobi, etc., have also been used to produce rattan furniture, mainly used for weaving. Unsheathed rattan stems in rattan furniture industry called rattan, like bamboo, solid. Rattan skin is usually milky white, milky yellow or light red, and some rattan skin surface has spots, commonly known as spot rattan, with natural decoration. In the transverse section of rattan wood, the specific gravity was inconsistent from outside to inside, the ratio of rattan skin was significant, and the ratio of rattan ruler was small. The material of rattan with large specific gravity change was poor, while the material of rattan with small specific gravity change was good.

Rattan is a spiny climbing plant of the palm family that grows in tropical forests. Rattan is of great benefit to the natural environment and even the whole ecosystem in the growth process. It can adapt to the barren soil and does not disturb the original ecological structure and balance of the natural forest. It is very important for the recuperation and restoration of forest resources.


Post time: Nov-10-2022