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Visit Napa Valley Homes Architectural Digest with Groovy Furniture and Gucci Wallpaper

You don’t have to venture deep into this peaceful Napa Valley, California home to feel the influence of its designer, Kristen Peña.Educated in European elegance and proportions, the San Francisco-based decorator and founder of K Interiors has built a reputation for creating contemporary designs that skillfully balance openness and privacy.Nonetheless, within this four-bedroom home, Peña has managed to blend a client-tailored, predominantly monochromatic palette with a playful, sophisticated scheme that elevates the home’s overall aesthetic.
“When I was brought in, it was a very clean slate, so we really wanted to respect all the lines of the interior architecture,” said Peña, who has traveled the globe over the years in Southeast Asia, Morocco and more, helping to cultivate Her love for patterns and textures.”[At the same time], we wanted to help foster a unique sense of space by using many artisan designers to provide accessibility and comfort.”
Peña’s client took the concept further, and the two San Francisco tech executives purchased the 4,500-square-foot property in 2020 as a weekend shelter.These two avid contemporary art lovers have extensive collections that include works by different artists specializing in a variety of media.Today, the interiors are dotted with works by the likes of British fibre artist Sally England and Danish sculptor Nicholas Shurey.
“Our art collection is an extension of our taste, and Christine really understood that from the start,” said one of the home’s owners.”She created unique spaces that not only highlighted art, but also expressed our style.”
While artwork plays an important role in this home, the interior furnishings, selected from a wide range of sources, emphasise the interplay between craftsmanship and materiality.In the main living room, for example, a pair of terry sofas by British-Canadian designer Philippe Malouin sit alongside a travertine-polished brass table by British design firm Banda.Also of note is Caroline Lizarraga, the area decorator of the gold leaf wall area designed by Bay.
A bespoke dining table in the formal dining room underscores Peña’s sophistication.She designed the table herself and paired it with chairs from Stahl + Band, a design studio in Venice, California.Elsewhere, handcrafted lighting can be seen in the kitchen by Philadelphia-based artist Natalie Page, whose work includes ceramic lighting, decorative arts and product design.
In the master suite, a custom bed from Hardesty Dwyer & Co. anchors a room, which also features Coup D’Etat oak and terry chairs and Thomas Hayes bedside tables.Rugs from vintage and modern rug dealer Tony Kitz add playful warmth to the room, including more wall treatments by Caroline Lizarraga.
Colorful walls are highlights throughout the home and can even be seen in unexpected places in the home.”Whenever someone comes to visit the house, I always take them to the laundry room first,” the owner said with a smile.The small space features Gucci wallpaper illuminated by neon photos.More evidence that Peña left no stone unturned — or square footage — when it came to this project.
A pair of terry sofas by designer Philippe Malouin sit alongside a Banda travertine polished brass table in the main living room.A gold leaf wall by Bay Area decorating artist Caroline Lizarraga adds a creative touch to the living room.
In this corner of the living room, the Little Petra chair sits between a Ben and Aja Blanc mirror and a pair of totems the designer picked up on a shopping trip to New York.
The main outdoor space offers views of the surrounding rolling hills.The cocktail table is from Ralph Pucci, while the sculpted side tables are vintage.
In the formal dining room, Peña designed a custom dining table and paired it with chairs from Stahl + Band.Lighting designed by Natalie Page.
In the kitchen, Peña added custom brass and glass shelving and cabinet hardware from Hoffman Hardware.The stools are Thomas Hayes and the console to the right is Croft House.
Laundry room with Gucci wallpaper.Designers and homeowners have made artistic choices throughout the home, including this neon photo.
The custom bed in the master suite was made by Hardesty Dwyer & Co.The coup chair is oak and beading, and the bedside table is by Thomas Hayes.The walls are painted lime green and finished by Caroline Lizarraga.Vintage rug from Tony Kitz.
This corner of the master suite has a lamp by Lindsey Adelman; the reflection in the Egg Collective mirror showcases a sculpture by Nicholas Shurey.
The homeowner’s office features a lounge area with blush silk wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries.The sofa is from the Amura section of Trnk, while the Kelly chandelier is by Gabriel Scott.
The room features a custom bed, a Bower mirror and a pair of Allied Maker pendants.Bedside table/side table from Insert via Horne.
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